The Blacklist Costar NBC

Sesame St(S48-E05) Costar HBO Family

Mysteries At The Museum Supporting Travel Channel

Recombined Supporting Warner Bros Prod/Dir Regina Ainsworth

Revolver Supporting Sean Davis

Smart Squad Supporting Chris Hietikko

Chained For Life Supporting Aaron Schimberg

Nasty Lead Stephen Guy Cellins

Afraid Of Death Lead Stephen Guy Cellins

Mixed Races Lead Bobby Dickson

Delusional Supporting Berka Nyongo

Black Actress Costar Micheal Pickney


Shakespeare Reading Series Cassius TheKimberlyProject

Outcry Ahmadou IAmAVoice Theater Co

It Takes A Village To Raise Hell David/RJ (u/s) Roy Arias/Harlem Arts

Boys Life Performance Don T.Schreiber Studio


We Came To Win Supporting Gimlet Media


Languages: French, English, Yoruba. Accents: French, African.


On Camera Tv/Film Coaching Ted Sluberski, Margie Haber

On Camera Training & coaching (ongoing) Matt Newton Studio

2 Year Acting Study (Improv,Cold Reading, Scene Study) Anthony Abeson Studio

Acting conservatory T. Schreiber Studio